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logvrp - The Route Planner

logvrp is a web and GIS based vehicle route planner software that is a trademark of the company NetAkıl . logvrp helps organizations, companies to profit on logistics activities, minimize transportation costs and save on gas. It is used for finding optimum fleet routes, route optimization, fleet route planning, delivery route planning, pickup route planning and fleet management. logvrp helps users to manage routes and to plan orders, stations and fleet effectively. Users can find optimum routes for a set of locations, delivery/pick up and fleet. It is certain that logvrp reduces distances between 15%-20% on average over planning by hand.  Planning a route is easy and fast using logvrp.

logvrp is suitable for any organization serving customers with products, goods or services with a fleet. logvrp offers  to optimize your routes and schedule your tasks while maintaining a high level of customer service. logvrp will help users by  increasing productivity and keeping them organized and efficient.

The software has unique features for both commercial and academic users. It has a web based user interface containing Google Map by which specifying real geographic locations of vehicles, depots, delivery/pickup stations on the map. More excitingly, the logvrp provides more than 1 alternative route plan. This feature does not exist in other route planner applications.

Even as a superior feature, logvrp provides tools for the users to compare their own created route plans with that of logvrp’s route plans. In this way, users can measure how much profit they can get using logvrp. This is enhanced by statistical gain reports over time so that users can see their profit and performance over a period of time.

More excitingly, the users have the opportunity to embed their VRP solver algorithms through the provided API as a plug-in, as well as using built-in algorithms of some types of VRPs. This means that the number of alternative route plans will increase over time. As a result, logvrp users are not stuck into only 1 route plan, unlike other route planners.

logvrp is flexible to cover almost any type of business need for fleet task planning, scheduling and route optimization. logvrp has a very generic routing and optimization model which covers lots of real life constraints and parameters. This makes logvrp, an ideal route planning & fleet scheduling application/service. Other route planner applications/services resemble a toy when compared to logvrp. Since they can only model deliveries or just stops to visit, this makes them too deficient to cover real life business needs/ expectations.

logvrp is designed as a user friendly web application based on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and built on top of cloud computing. This makes the application scalable and reliable. Moreover web service API is provided for the users who want to integrate their IT system with logvrp, such as a vehicle tracking, order management system or ERP, etc. A unified object oriented model has been designed to cover all types of the vehicle route planning & scheduling needs. 

logvrp was an eye poener for users who needed a route planner application. Other route planners were only planning stops to visit for destinations. They did not include vehicle and order parameters. They were planning routes simply that cover only route directions between two or more geographical locations. When logvrp was launched, other route planners realized their missing aspects on route planning & scheduling and then they developed their applications. Therefore, logvrp has given direction to similar route planners to progress themselves.

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